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Drew Beringer 09/10/12 11:58 AM

Pre-Order New Hostage Calm Album
You can pre-order the upcoming Hostage Calm album Please Remain Calm here. The album hits stores on October 9th.

Truman122 09/10/12 12:35 PM

Fuck. Just bought the TJ repress and Basement's new record. Can't swing this shit.

Jaytothesyg 09/10/12 12:59 PM

Got the rarest vinyl and back patch stoked

wall e 09/10/12 01:06 PM

If you don't get this you're an idiot

Fourchordwonder 09/10/12 01:40 PM

Ordered the deluxe bundle. It only let me choose free shipping, but I know there will be a shipping charge, so hopefully that gets worked out without my order getting cancelled or anything.

alifetmeaway 09/10/12 04:49 PM

A pre order from Run For Cover. Good luck getting anything this year.

thisisntworking 09/10/12 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by alifetmeaway (Post 112833612)
A pre order from Run For Cover. Good luck getting anything this year.

Guess we'll see huh?

Charlesieiy 09/10/12 05:03 PM

Fuck, went out for a couple hours and all the rare options were gone. Ordered a Blue/Green Vinyl. So stoked on this, May Love Prevail is goddamn amazing.

msulliv7 09/10/12 05:44 PM

May the Calm Prevail

ThisIsNotDan 09/10/12 06:37 PM

pre-ordered with the new Basement but I'm not really feeling either of these new songs. bummer

veelingwang 12/05/12 01:09 AM

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