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Keagan Ilvonen 09/10/12 10:26 PM

Good Weather For Airstrikes No More
Good Weather For Airstrikes is calling it quits.

Submitted by brook183

Archael 09/10/12 10:30 PM

that picture's phrase always reminds me of that one mayday parade song

good fucking song

EndlessPrisoner 09/10/12 10:51 PM

great band.

connorfosho 09/11/12 05:53 AM

Booo :(

I am Mick 09/11/12 06:30 AM

Such a bummer, a great live band

wolves_machines 09/11/12 09:52 AM

My dudes. Michigan will miss them, great band.

drzafs 09/11/12 04:58 PM

I hate this.