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Jason Tate 09/11/12 04:49 PM

The End of Days
Chad Kroeger and fiancÚ Avril Lavigne have recorded her new album together.

Searos 09/11/12 04:51 PM

This should be a special breed of terrible not seen every year.

xsandwichesx 09/11/12 04:52 PM


TheRealJohnOC 09/11/12 04:55 PM

Hey hey! You You! I don't like your photograph!

Elscorcho2008 09/11/12 04:55 PM

Arry 09/11/12 04:56 PM

wouldn't it be hilarious if this album was amazing?!

Kris_Gontz9 09/11/12 04:57 PM

Interesting, GL had it's moments, but i still miss that more "Rock influenced" Lavigne than this synth overproduced one...

Searos 09/11/12 04:58 PM

The bastard love album that nobody asked for will be hitting shelves soon where dust can build up in peace.

cubsml34 09/11/12 05:07 PM


Originally Posted by TheRealJohnOC (Post 112879622)
Hey hey! You You! I don't like your photograph!


dannylololol 09/11/12 05:11 PM


hiddentrack 09/11/12 05:14 PM

dmcaloon 09/11/12 05:14 PM

Hmmm. The things people do just because they're together. Now we're going to get everything that's generic about Nickelback added to the already dreadful noise Lavigne would've produced.

smoke4thecaper 09/11/12 05:16 PM

Never Remember :flag:

AP_Punk 09/11/12 05:16 PM

pop punk album of the year

therookielot 09/11/12 05:21 PM

The Alpha and Omega