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Playsw/Squirels 09/13/12 08:34 PM

Song would be amazing if they used the last chorus for all of them and drawn them out a little more. Fun track though.

Why we hating on Sandler? although overplayed, his earlier movies are classics.

sixmillionways 09/13/12 09:33 PM

sum 41 should take note

Sinkytown 09/13/12 11:52 PM

You know you're on AbsolutePunk when a song like this is heralded as the second coming.

Blink-O 09/14/12 07:29 AM

wow. this actually isnt that bad. definately a fun tune!

mike'smannequin 09/14/12 09:33 AM

Jesus, people actually listen to this band...

guitarguy211 09/14/12 11:32 AM

BFS will always have a special place in my library.