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thesinkingship 09/15/12 07:02 AM


Originally Posted by Seth Robinson (Post 113018612)
lol, yes. speaking as a 9 year long coheed fan with a keywork tattoo, i fucking HATED that album with a god damned passion and was super crushed and let down by it. everything about it was awful-from the disgusting production to claudio's voice not being as up to par as it usually is to none of the songs having hooks (besides one-"Here We Are Juggernaut" and even that was ruined by the god-awful production) to even the music videos for that era being shitty. "Guns of Summer" is one of the worst songs I have ever heard.

Sorry we have different opinions?

Having an opinion is one thing. Stating something as fact is another.

blindrider529 09/15/12 02:33 PM

Somebody had to have snagged the audio from those clips. Show yourself!

Pussyfoot 09/15/12 10:56 PM

Yeah, if anyone managed to get a copy of the samples, I would die to hear them.

cuidado 09/17/12 12:36 PM

For the love of GOD someone must have snagged the audio! Any YouTube links?

Pussyfoot 09/17/12 02:58 PM


Sgt. Wombat 09/18/12 07:12 PM

Here we are.

cuidado 09/19/12 06:15 PM

Thanx dude!

xScrewed@Birthx 09/19/12 09:32 PM

The new stuff is sounding really diverse without going too out of the box. i love it.

ichougland2270 09/21/12 08:29 AM

That youtube link above is removed but using internet magic I recovered the audio for those still looking for them.


driver194 09/23/12 04:44 PM

i put it back up on a private link. keep it on the DL


Naphistim 10/03/12 04:41 AM

Evagria, holy shit. Cannot wait.