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Drew Beringer 09/16/12 12:19 AM

Video: Frank Ocean Live On SNL
Check out Frank Ocean's performances of "Thinkin' Bout You" and "Pyramids" on Saturday Night Live here.

blimpcityhero11 09/16/12 12:23 AM

Absolutely killed it on "Thinking About You." Also, John Mayer!

StepsInADance 09/16/12 12:25 AM

I kept wondering if it was John Mayer the whole time. Wasn't confirmed in my mind until the end of the episode.

bobsheiskawy 09/16/12 12:38 AM

john mayer hangs out with the coolest people.

Journey408 09/16/12 12:39 AM

rad song choices

bobsheiskawy 09/16/12 12:39 AM

also, is it just me, or is frank retardedly skinny?

Fish Man Alex 09/16/12 12:42 AM

sorta surprised he did 'pyramids' considering how long it is, but eager to watch it

ZEZEtheX 09/16/12 12:44 AM

The episode itself is abysmal, but Frankie did well.

Drew Beringer 09/16/12 12:52 AM

too bad Frank couldn't do the complete 10 minute version of Pyramids

swimbearswim 09/16/12 12:58 AM

Space Invaders.

Drew Beringer 09/16/12 01:00 AM

John Mayer death stare

SHESmyRUSHMORE 09/16/12 01:01 AM

frank is the fucking man.

StepsInADance 09/16/12 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by ZEZEtheX (Post 113047012)
The episode itself is abysmal, but Frankie did well.

The puppet sketch and Weekend Update (aside from the guests) were pretty enjoyable I would say. I will admit none of the new cast members seem to have that much promise.

CastlesXClouds 09/16/12 02:56 AM

ya know what. i completely loved his voice but it is so hard for me to get into the rhythm of that guitar while he sings. i just think its too complex of a song to be transcribed onto a guitar. thats just how i feel though.

StarZap 09/16/12 03:40 AM

Gotta love the arcade games.