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Keagan Ilvonen 09/16/12 07:35 PM

A Wilhelm Scream To Perform "Ruiner" In It's Entirety
A Wilhelm Scream will play their album, Ruiner, in it's entirety along with new songs on November 16th at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA.

Submitted by PerfectChaos337

Andy Young 09/16/12 07:41 PM

I would give a testicle to go to this. Love that album.

InaGreendase 09/16/12 07:48 PM


James Johnson 09/16/12 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by InaGreendase (Post 113084912)

Seconded. FUCK.

PerfectChaos337 09/16/12 07:55 PM

AWS rules hard. I wish I had the means to get to this show. Ruiner as a whole means a lot to me. It would be cool if they did a few more shows playing it before they release some new stuff (whenever that may be).

xsobotkax 09/16/12 08:21 PM

I can not wait for this

CBKRP 09/16/12 08:28 PM

No shit, when is that new record dropping already?

Jake Jenkins 09/16/12 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by InaGreendase (Post 113084912)


Alex DiVincenzo 09/16/12 09:07 PM

Baller. They were awesome last week with LTJ and the Mute Print show was a blast.

TelAllUrFriends 09/16/12 09:20 PM


TylerHartman 09/16/12 09:22 PM

This is one of the all time great punk records, but I personally would have been even more excited to see the Mute Print show...that album holds special "16 year old kid" memories for me.

alexpoopy 09/17/12 01:55 AM


Originally Posted by James Johnson (Post 113085532)
Seconded. FUCK.

Thirded, fuck.

Waffleconsumer 09/17/12 02:44 AM


PlanetDahmz 09/17/12 03:32 AM

Go to this if you can. One of the best punk albums ever written and a personal top 3 album of all time for me.

trevorshmevor 09/17/12 04:44 AM

Damn, this is fucking awesome. Too bad I live nowhere near MA! Haha. I love this album, but I still think Career Suicide is their best work. They need to get that new record on the shelves already, I'm so anxious to hear new AWS.