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BridgeJumper 01/14/08 10:31 AM

Crazy, or just tired of the assholes in the media who verbally attack her?

The Revisionist 01/14/08 11:12 AM

The photographer kept taking pictures after Bjork's companion asked him not to.

IN ADDITION, if he had bothered to do any research into his subject, he would have discovered the fact that she attacked a reporter years ago in a similar situation, after photographers kept taking pictures of her with her child leaving an airport.

Not to justify Bjork's attacking the photographer, but he should have known exactly what he was getting into.

Nevermind 01/14/08 01:10 PM

Not the first or last time

Name_Taken 01/14/08 01:17 PM

in exchange for a shirt this guys scoring some cash and the money he'll make from photos, sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

but if that bitch attacked me i would've fucked her up, couldnt less that shes a women.

huntingbears 01/14/08 02:04 PM

bjork could probably beat the shit out of everyone on this site

March Hair 01/14/08 08:25 PM

That's terrible. If you're famous you have it coming to you. You don't have a life, you have to sacrifice privacy and your image needs to be on display constantly, regardless if you don't want it to. That's the price you be for being a celebrity.

SWYA 01/14/08 10:47 PM

Welcome To Bangkok

monkeyboy14 01/14/08 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by sell the sunris (Post 8409635)
Well, next time if someone asks not to take a photo, don't do it.

Exactly, respect the woman's wishes. Fucking photographers. Paparazzi really piss me off. What a worthless job that is

youcomebeforeyo 01/14/08 11:40 PM

The NZ Herald is a terrible newspaper. Good on her.