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Jason Tate 09/17/12 10:19 AM

Alan Day (Four Year Strong) Solo Shows
Alan Day (Four Year Strong) will be playing some solo performances on the Misser tour.

Submitted by timewilltell

Alex DiVincenzo 09/17/12 10:20 AM


xNC1212x 09/17/12 10:31 AM

Bummed I missed this the other day. Heard he did really well. I always enjoyed Dans voice better though.

EastCoastVans 09/17/12 10:37 AM

He kicked ass at the lanes last night. He said it was only the second show he's done solo, and his project name is "The Here and Now." He did a sick grunge song with Diamond Youth, as well.

markyconnolly 09/17/12 10:49 AM


PirateSkater182 09/17/12 10:49 AM

Would love to hear this. (I want to hear Dan solo too.)

kskillzz 09/17/12 10:59 AM

Yea I'd prefer dan solo too but this is still cool. Hopefully it doesn't mean any negative things for the future of FYS.

Journey408 09/17/12 11:37 AM

dan > alan

kbomb001 09/17/12 11:37 AM

Doesn't Dan already have solo music out already?

Matt Metzler 09/17/12 11:52 AM

God damnit I wish this tour would add a few more dates.

Scrawns 09/17/12 01:33 PM

here it comes. the solo side projects

trevorshmevor 09/17/12 05:32 PM

Hm, wonder what this sounds like. I think Dan is overall the better singer in FYS, but I personally like Alan's voice more. There's a certain grittiness to it that I find more enjoyable.

StayFaithful 09/17/12 08:09 PM

Saw this last night. He was fantastic for the most part. He said he's going to be releasing something soon. The songs were really good also, lyrically.