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Drew Beringer 09/18/12 08:06 AM

AP.net Contest: The Vaccines "Come of Age" Giveaway Week 3
We've made it to week 3 of our "Come of Age Contest." As stated last week, our friends The Vaccines have a new album Come of Age releasing on October 2nd (out now in the UK). In the weeks leading up to the U.S. release date, we will be giving a signed copy of the new album, with a big prize pack being the ultimate prize the week of release. The previous weeks' winners will be contacted later today, but in the meantime check the replies for this week's question and whomever gives us the answer we like best will walk away with a signed copy of Come of Age. You can also pre-order the album here. Make sure to come back here next week for another opportunity to win.

Drew Beringer 09/18/12 08:06 AM

Week 3 QuestionWhat was the name of your first band (or what would the name be)? Best answer wins a signed “Come of Age” CD.

Jsmall 09/18/12 08:08 AM

Mormon Rockwell

irthesteve 09/18/12 08:19 AM

Moon Explosion

slyzach 09/18/12 08:28 AM

Apple Juice

InTheatersNow 09/18/12 08:28 AM

First "band" was Ten Dollar Track Jacket

FortheLP 09/18/12 08:47 AM

Scarecrow Boat

Blanky 09/18/12 09:06 AM

Blank and the Berry

Andrew.Salzillo 09/18/12 09:08 AM


ale5875 09/18/12 09:28 AM

Car in Arrival.

Zummy 09/18/12 09:37 AM

Tom Hanks IV (pronounced Tom Hanks the 4th)

trojanick 09/18/12 09:44 AM

Shyamalan Twist

Xiegfried 09/18/12 10:25 AM


mattdefillippo 09/18/12 10:35 AM

Vomit Gun

airrwaves44 09/18/12 11:11 AM

Unsung Victory