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sven_sg 09/18/12 12:23 PM

damn this sounds awesome :-0. can't wait to hear the full album

drudo182 09/18/12 12:27 PM

Clips still up? I don't have the option.

the_mango 09/18/12 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 113171232)
it may be a bonus track, I don't have that song


Originally Posted by jtalep (Post 113171452)

Great, thanks for the clarification.

fsmith84 09/18/12 12:35 PM

Clips are taken down, per their Twitter feed.

With all the great things being said, I'm glad I didn't hear these. I can't have blue balls for a month.

stevenisfading 09/18/12 12:43 PM

I suppose leaving the window open kept the clips up. I hadn't pressed play to listen to them til after they were taken down.

sammyboy516 09/18/12 12:47 PM

DANG IT I missed them.

The Gryphonator 09/18/12 01:01 PM

Glad to hear everyone liked them while they were up. I hope I love this album

El Chico Loco 09/18/12 01:14 PM

Where the crap is the live acoustic dvd????!!!! Anyone know????!!!!!!!! :wave:

JZebrak57 09/18/12 01:18 PM

Anyone somehow record the clips or something? I'm sure there's some crazy kid who worked his black magic. I was in class when these leaked :-(

EDIT: They're on Tumblr for anyone that missed it. They sound so fucking good.

pepster50 09/18/12 01:26 PM

ughhh i wanted to hear !

pepster50 09/18/12 01:26 PM

p.s how do clips get "accidentily" uploaded? lol

Dlemert 09/18/12 01:57 PM

I really hesitate to say this, but I have a feeling this could even top Cities. It's been much too long since I've absolutely fallen in love with an Anberlin album. My body is ready.

cowlord 09/18/12 02:04 PM

Are there any consequences to Apple when iTunes fucks up like this? Or is it just like a "Whoops! Sorry!"

Symphonicaxiom 09/18/12 02:06 PM

Yea, the clips sound amazing. I'm really loving the full version of Type Three. Eh, who am I kidding, there was no way I wasn't going to love this album.

jtalep 09/18/12 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by cowlord (Post 113178012)
Are there any consequences to Apple when iTunes fucks up like this? Or is it just like a "Whoops! Sorry!"

I imagine it's just an apology...if it had been put up for sale by accident then I think there would of been some heads rolling, but it was cleared up pretty quick