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Alex DiVincenzo 09/18/12 05:34 PM

Clifton Motel Signs Indie Supergroup Lasorda
Clifton Motel has signed Lasorda. The group is made up of Suzannah Johannes, Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids), Nate Harold (fun.), Dustin Kinsey (The New Amsterdams), Mike Strandberg (Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band) and Josh Adams (Ghosty). They will release their self-titled debut album on November 13th.

EndlessPrisoner 09/18/12 06:36 PM

This sounds intriguing as fuck.

Christian Wagner 09/18/12 06:38 PM

This is awesome. Great job Jon and Dustin.

KingsCrossing 09/18/12 07:20 PM

Wow nice lineup.

jdr277 09/18/12 08:59 PM

Excited to hear this. Wonder what kind of music it will be... And come on 3 post for this?! Tsk Tsk

harveyn590 09/18/12 09:38 PM

stoooooked to hear this!

abusedcat 09/18/12 10:28 PM

Ummmm, FUCK YES.

Xiegfried 09/19/12 06:59 AM

Lineup sounds crazy. I'll have to keep an eye out on these guys.

I'm DC 09/19/12 11:53 AM

I'm pretty bummed that Matt and Nate won't be singing.

richrad 09/19/12 07:05 PM

Matt doesn't sing. It's not that good.