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Christian Wagner 09/19/12 05:20 AM

Unsigned Spotlight: Hear The Sirens
Today we're premiering "Renegade" from California based act Hear The Sirens. The band reminds me of early Sum 41 or an edgier Sugarcult or Midtown. The band is extremely catchy while maintaining a heavier edge to the group's sound and I'm really excited for what the band has in store. Head to the band's AP.net profile to listen and leave your thoughts in the replies.

GetUpAndrew 09/19/12 07:21 AM


AReiss 09/19/12 09:12 AM

Love this. If you dig this you'll love the album. Super fast, super catchy.

AReiss 09/19/12 09:15 AM

P.S. Pre-order here: http://hearthesirens.storenvy.com/

The album is limited to 250 pink vinyl and they're self-releasing it, so you should pick this up.

GoodTimes 09/19/12 09:44 AM

I like Sum 41, Sugarcult, and Midtown. I don't like this.

Avalanche1 09/19/12 12:08 PM

I like it

PerfectChaos337 09/19/12 03:43 PM

Found this band a while ago through the bassist being in TTNY, and every song I've heard seriously rules. Stoked to hear the rest of the record.

Matt Chylak 09/19/12 08:44 PM

not bad. y'all should do a full album stream when it comes out