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Keagan Ilvonen 09/20/12 09:19 AM

Tegan and Sara Release "Closer"
You can stream Tegan and Sara's new track "Closer" on Rolling Stone.

tell that mick 09/20/12 09:23 AM

Been so stoked for this. Been spinning the live version from their Warner Brothers showcase for months now.

Mirrorsandfevers 09/20/12 09:27 AM


Meeze 09/20/12 09:32 AM

I'm in love. Such a hit. A+

Drew Beringer 09/20/12 09:35 AM

this song is amazing

lightupthesky 09/20/12 09:38 AM

Oh, shit.

mka12992 09/20/12 09:39 AM

Not bad. It's a good pop song, but I'm not sold on it. That said, it's really catchy and I'll probably have it stuck in my head for the next week.

InaGreendase 09/20/12 09:41 AM

Something like "Arrow" rode the line really well between their older stuff and this super Gaga-fied pop. This might dip into the latter a bit too much for me. Time will tell, I guess.

jasonmeowz 09/20/12 09:41 AM

i like it.

astaticskyline 09/20/12 09:51 AM

Loving this.

Drew Beringer 09/20/12 09:52 AM


lightupthesky 09/20/12 09:54 AM

thanks, drew

ADAY86 09/20/12 09:59 AM

Absolutely loving the song. They can really do no wrong in my eyes. Can't wait to see them with The Killers in December!

Anton Djamoos 09/20/12 10:03 AM

This should make for one heck of a single. Alternative radio should eat this up.

Charles Vincent 09/20/12 10:08 AM

so pumped on this!