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Kelly Doherty 09/21/12 03:48 PM

Brothers Or Not - EP
Brothers Or Not-EP
Record Label: Self Released
Release Date: August 23, 2012

Brothers Or Not are a four piece pop rock band from Austin, Texas. The band, comprised of Eric Anderson, Wyn Gregory, Paul Whitney and Eric Andersen, craft savvy pop rock tracks in the vein of Anberlin. Their debut EP, titled um.. EP is four tracks of catchy pop rock that will get feet a-tapping and hands a-clapping.

How is it?
EP is a collection of four ridiculously confident, fresh sounding pop rock songs. While Brothers Or Not arenít exactly re-inventing the wheel, they have a certain air of confidence that somewhat carries the music. ďI Found The RemedyĒ is catchy as hell, with everything sounding incredibly clean and the vocals being quite blemishless. Actually, blemishless actually sums up the release. Each track is a pop rock nugget, with a catchy chorus, a youthful swagger and perfect production. If this sounds like something youíd like, youíre probably right. Brothers Or Not provide the perfect EP for any casual summer listening. However, where Brothers Or Not fall down a little, is their lack of distinct personality. Due to each aspect of the record being over produced, and quite incredibly clean, itís a little bit like the bandís personality is being smothered. If Brothers Or Not maybe spent a little less time on the record, they could establish their own unique sound which would make them that bit better. Letís not take away from their high points however; the vocals are very strong, and the band definitely have a natural flair for penning and performing a great pop song.
If Brothers Or Not could combine their pop rock sensibilities with their own twist, they could become a great band and garner quite a bit of success. However, if they donít put their own stamp on their brand of music, Brothers Or Not may get lost in the crowd.

Recommended If You LikeAnberlin; Anarbor; Mayday Parade; clapping


Quijiba 09/21/12 06:24 PM

haven't listened yet but the recommendations are intriguing

jameseandersen 09/22/12 05:25 PM

free download!
you can get the ep for free at


thanks for listening!