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Alex DiVincenzo 09/22/12 09:58 AM

Happy Birthday, Adam!
Today is Taking Back Sunday vocalist Adam Lazzara's 30th birthday. Leave him some love in the replies.

Amongster 09/22/12 10:04 AM

Happy 30th, man!

TheDemosRock 09/22/12 10:11 AM

Time to start acting like an adult sometimes?

ChaseTx 09/22/12 10:15 AM

Happy 30th to an exceptional vocalist.

BlinkAvAfan21 09/22/12 10:16 AM

Happy birthday man ! You're still pretty young.

Chemical Love 09/22/12 10:22 AM

He's younger than I thought.

fuckyourscenes 09/22/12 10:34 AM

Happy birthday! TAYF still rules, and October 4th is gonna be awesome.

daftpunker45 09/22/12 10:34 AM

Wow. Happy birthday.

deezee 09/22/12 10:37 AM

Wow, I thought he was older than that!

Grohl 09/22/12 10:40 AM


Black Bear 09/22/12 10:40 AM

Happy b-day Adam. I'll listen to TAYF for you.

VeryWittyName 09/22/12 10:43 AM

I hate how early some people accomplish their seminal works. Makes me feel like I'll never do anything great. I'm 19 years old, and it's TIME I ACCEPTED IT.

Happy birthday, Adam.

defy_stars 09/22/12 11:12 AM

Happy Birthday Adam!!!!

dmryan33 09/22/12 11:14 AM

love you adam happy b day!

HeyItsAllyssa 09/22/12 11:24 AM

Happy Brithday Adam! Thank you for inspiring me and some of favorite bands out there.