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InfiniteArms 09/22/12 03:44 PM

Happy Birthday Adam!


Originally Posted by Chemical Love (Post 113328482)
He's younger than I thought.

Yeah same.

buddah knome 09/22/12 04:48 PM

I bet jesse lacey has a twenty dollar bill and he's putting it in a card for adams birthday.

Rob McWilliams 09/22/12 04:52 PM

Happy birthday, Adam!

buff 09/22/12 06:34 PM

I remember seeing him play on his 20th or 21st birthday and he fell off stage during midtown and broke his hip. Good times.

Journey408 09/23/12 12:05 AM

so he was 20/21 when Tell All Your Friends was released?


Jaytothesyg 09/23/12 09:40 AM

Happy birthday you old man!

kkman99 09/24/12 01:04 PM

Wow, thought he was older. Happy Birthday Adam, you're one of my favorite vocalists.