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Kelly Doherty 09/23/12 10:40 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: The Little Indians
Today we're bringing you an exclusive stream of "Night Owl (A Dream)", the final track from The Little Indians' upcoming debut album An Album From The Little Indians, out October 9 on Blue Room Records. Head to replies to hear it.

Kelly Doherty 09/23/12 10:44 AM

Night Owl (A Dream)

EndlessPrisoner 09/23/12 10:46 AM

Best band. Love these guys.

Slangster 09/23/12 10:58 AM

This sounds great. So excited to hear the whole thing.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/23/12 11:24 AM

So good

Samprattsap 09/23/12 01:53 PM


wangzackphil 09/23/12 05:19 PM

Reminds me of Pepper Rabbit. Me gusta

ched zeppelin 09/24/12 12:33 PM

i'm so slow but this is really great. Yes Augie!!!

ched zeppelin 09/24/12 01:09 PM

I have listened to this on repeat for the last hour.