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Keagan Ilvonen 09/23/12 07:05 PM

Share Empire! Empire! and Count Your Lucky Stars
Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and Count Your Lucky Stars Records are hosting a "Social Network" contest. Also, if their official status gets 500 shares, Empire! Empire!'s entire discography will be put up for free on their Bandcamp.

Submitted by Brian vs Shark

Fame<Infamy 09/23/12 07:16 PM

Two more share. C'mon people.

EndlessPrisoner 09/23/12 07:35 PM

If anyone doesn't want the vinyl and wins, I'd gladly take it off your hands. maybe with a little repayment.

COREhorizon 09/23/12 09:48 PM

They put out so many splits, it's hard to keep track. I need a release with every song they've ever released all put together

mybreakingpoint 09/23/12 10:47 PM

I enjoy this band.

That said, they got their 500 shares, so make your discog free already! I keep refreshing Bandcamp, waiting for it to happen.

thesollopsist 09/24/12 04:47 AM

I love these guys. Would love a new release from them.

Gerard_xD 09/24/12 05:07 AM

Yay, 500!

I hope their bandcamp doesn't reach it's limit too quickly, because knowing my luck I'll miss it or something.

daftpunker45 09/24/12 02:45 PM

Hopefully they buy more free downloads so they don't run out in 20 minutes with all those releases.