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Keagan Ilvonen 09/24/12 08:59 AM

For The Foxes iPhone Sessions
For The Foxes recorded an EP on their iPhone and have released the songs for free.

guitarguy211 09/24/12 09:10 AM

Will be DLing this later--great band.

_all_star_me_ 09/24/12 09:18 AM

This is really cool. The download has loads of really rad extra stuff.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/24/12 09:25 AM

Their EP surprised me, so I'm interested to check this out.

Steve Alcala 09/24/12 10:09 AM

Digging The Way I Feel Inside cover.

Archael 09/24/12 04:51 PM

Their last stuff sucked, I'll give it a shot.

skatones80 09/24/12 07:09 PM

awesome dudes, great music. def check it out.