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Blake Solomon 09/24/12 09:24 PM

How To Destroy Angels' EP Artwork
The vinyl artwork for How To Destroy Angels' new EP, An Omen, can be seen in the replies. The album is out through Columbia Records on November 13th.

Blake Solomon 09/24/12 09:24 PM

Eurotrash Drock 09/24/12 09:37 PM

fucking stoked.

brook183 09/24/12 10:11 PM


justinwho 09/24/12 10:18 PM

just take my money right now, reznor!

Ismael182 09/24/12 10:29 PM

Neat, if this is on par with their last ep cool, if it's better, fuck yeah!

Andy Young 09/24/12 10:41 PM

I will always be interested in everything Reznor does. I don't ever see that changing.

whiterussian 09/24/12 11:58 PM

that cover is about as NINny as it gets.
Got me especially interested, although I'm always hoping for pure NIN.

theHECKLER 09/25/12 12:31 AM

Horrible artwork

DisenShaanted 09/25/12 12:45 AM

Reminds me of Year Zero. I'm just pumped for some new Trent.

jaredrockstar 09/25/12 04:03 AM

Trent is amazing but, I really can't get into this project. I'll give this a chance, though.

SuNDaYSTaR 09/25/12 06:26 AM

A major label, huh?

CapitalG24 09/25/12 06:38 AM

I really can't wait!

botDs-r 09/25/12 07:55 AM


fuckyourscenes 09/25/12 09:46 AM


Originally Posted by SuNDaYSTaR (Post 113447552)
A major label, huh?

Came to question this, too.