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Keagan Ilvonen 09/25/12 10:13 PM

Listen To Coheed and Cambria's Title Track
You can stream Coheed and Cambria's new song "The Afterman" on Rolling Stone.

Submitted by RyanGarner

AndyMania 09/25/12 10:17 PM

oh yessss, this is feels so good. eppard's drumming is so awesome in the bridge.

smowashere 09/25/12 10:17 PM

i like.

XenoLovegood 09/25/12 10:21 PM

AOTY 2012, calling it now. THE HEED!!

Starbury 09/25/12 10:27 PM


snoboardnfreek 09/25/12 10:34 PM

wow it's so different, i like

RyanGarner 09/25/12 10:35 PM

This is exactly what I wanted to hear from them. The drumming is excellent and I really like the palm muted guitar with a bit of delay. Cannot wait for the full thing.

Asthenia-182 09/25/12 10:35 PM

Unbelievable. It's only 3 minutes long.

thedaywedied 09/25/12 10:45 PM

Everything I hear from this album makes me more and more excited.

tonyC4L 09/25/12 10:52 PM

Really like this. Man, nothing I've heard from this album is disappointing me; can't wait til I can hear the whole thing.

muzik4lyf5000 09/25/12 10:53 PM

best coheed song I've heard in 8 years. \m/ so rad.

irthesteve 09/25/12 11:06 PM

not bad, but not my favorite

wtfjaked 09/25/12 11:09 PM

Very different than Domino. Nevertheless, it's an amazing song.

EDIT: Also vinyls are available to preorder now too in case anyone didn't know.

sargentlgfuad 09/25/12 11:18 PM

Ok. I wish it kinda actually built up to something and he sang a little bit more. But, we'll see in the context of the album.

PHI Flyers10 09/26/12 12:11 AM

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. My dick just shot through the floor of the people living in the dorm above me.