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Drew Beringer 09/26/12 02:33 PM

Alkaline Trio Enter Studio With Bill Stevenson
Alkaline Trio began recording today with producer Bill Stevenson.

Drew Beringer 09/26/12 02:33 PM

ALKALINE TRIO TEAMS WITH LONG-TIME PRODUCER BILL STEVENSON IN STUDIOChicago’s beloved cult punk heroes, Alkaline Trio began recording today at Blasting Room Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado with long-time friend and producer Bill Stevenson (Descendents, Rise Against, How Water Music).

"If someone would have told 20 years ago that I would be making a record with Bill Stevenson, I simply wouldn't have believed it. Today we start. #amazing!" comments frontman Matt Skiba.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/26/12 02:35 PM


JustAHomeBoy 09/26/12 02:47 PM

I hope this is better than Skiba's record. I was so disappointed, Voices was the only song that I really listen to now.

irthesteve 09/26/12 02:50 PM

I'm into it, I have enjoyed their last two albums but I really hope this one steps it up

Bryan Mac 09/26/12 02:51 PM

I love this band, but Skiba should have stopped making music ten years ago.

sickydicky 09/26/12 02:52 PM

fuck yes

darkjak22 09/26/12 02:53 PM

"In my van... It's all Trio

All Trio, all the time."

PirateSkater182 09/26/12 02:58 PM

Alk3 plus Bill is going to be awesome. Really looking forward to this, even though I haven't really enjoyed anything fully since Good Mourning.

Edit: I like certain songs from the albums, just not my favorites.

EnZo 09/26/12 02:58 PM


Originally Posted by Bryan Mac (Post 113505332)
I love this band, but Skiba should have stopped making music ten years ago.

i get that you love the band, but 10 years ago would rule out good mourning, crimson, and heavens which i think have all been well received

Portugal4142 09/26/12 03:02 PM

Not getting my hopes up after This Addiction... but I'll definitely check this out

patentpending 09/26/12 03:02 PM

I'm hoping for something a bit heavier this time around, but either way this band never disappoints.

HogarthHughes 09/26/12 03:04 PM

Looking forward to this immensely. Between The Emergency Room, the Hell, and the Sekrets, I'd say the boys are in a good place creatively.

The_Effort 09/26/12 03:04 PM

Hope this album is as good as I'm expecting it to be! I'll always love this band!

pleasedontpanic 09/26/12 03:07 PM

I feel like Alkaline Trio consistently put out good, not great, albums. I find myself enjoying all of their newer stuff because it never really surprises me, but there no real lasting value for me. I'd really like to see them push the limits on this album in whichever way that looks for them.