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Keagan Ilvonen 09/26/12 07:47 PM

Veara's New Record Is Being Mixed
Veara's new record is currently being mixed. This is the band's follow up to What We Left Behind and will be out on Epitaph Records in early 2013. The Record was produced and mixed by Dan Korneff.

j1887m 09/26/12 07:50 PM

Love this band! Can't wait to hear it!

Coverbydesign 09/26/12 07:52 PM

Yes yes yes

Christian Wagner 09/26/12 07:55 PM

Oh yes. Love these people.

cowlord 09/26/12 07:55 PM

Hell yeah. Last album wasn't anything groundbreaking, but i still enjoy it.

guitarguy211 09/26/12 08:01 PM

Considering I've never heard anything by Veara, I'm very excited to hear this. Sounds like it'd be right up my alley.

jusscali 09/26/12 08:05 PM

Can't wait for this.

EatShit182 09/26/12 10:53 PM

Sweet, can't wait for this to be released. Never got a chance to hear their first EP but I listened to What We Left Behind extensively and was super stoked with it. They're Pop Punk through and through and that's something to appreciate in a time where people are constantly adding breakdowns and screaming vox to any Pop Punk they can get their hands on.

GetUpAndrew 09/27/12 12:47 AM

Can't wait. I really enjoyed What We Left Behind, but now I'm expecting them to step up their game.

Jaimehere 09/27/12 03:32 AM

Oh man, thought it was gonna be released this year :-(

Avalanche1 09/27/12 06:18 AM

Excited for this but it took forever.

esposimi 09/27/12 06:47 AM

Can't wait to hear it! First album is one of my favorites.

icynova 09/27/12 08:49 AM


Originally Posted by Avalanche1 (Post 113525792)
Excited for this but it took forever.

They were trying to fit in recording / touring with real jobs. Sounds like getting this record out at all was a huge effort, so I'm just glad it's happening.

spawnofz 09/27/12 11:16 AM

I'm so excited for this album, along with this there is going to be new ADTR and SYG, my excitement can't be described.