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jimmyeatsboys 09/27/12 10:29 AM

hahahaha Brian Wilson should've fired the Beach Boys.

Robb 09/27/12 10:31 AM

Mike Love is the only member I respect, because he came through for the We Love Our Children Telethon '90.

Alex DiVincenzo 09/27/12 10:32 AM


trolland10 09/27/12 10:33 AM

this would be big news in the 1960s

xBranx 09/27/12 10:36 AM

That's unreal.

NorthstarPark 09/27/12 10:36 AM

...and he has the last name Love? Oh wait so does Courtney Love, forget I said anything.

Paris1nFlames 09/27/12 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by jimmyeatsboys (Post 113534312)
hahahaha Brian Wilson should've fired the Beach Boys.


Holly HoX! 09/27/12 10:38 AM

This would be like Ringo kicking out Paul, John and George.

caveBEAR 09/27/12 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by ChaseTx (Post 113534262)
Not that I know much about the Beach Boys, but isn't Brian the main songwriter or something?

They're all primary writers. Brian writes a lot/most of the songs when he's in the band, but the other guys all write as well, specifically when Wilson is off Wilson'ing.

Mike Love owns the rights to 'The Beach Boys', so he can pull shit like this. Love would also rather play Kokomo with John Stamos, whereas Wilson would rather play obscure songs from their obscure albums - two personality types that are hard to meld.

Love will probably tour with a hired band, as the Beach Boys, and Wilson will probably tour under his own name or as te Beach Boys Band. Jardine may play with him.

anthonydarko 09/27/12 10:39 AM

Lol at Mike Love.

PirateSkater182 09/27/12 10:40 AM

What in the actual fuck...

bradsonemanband 09/27/12 10:40 AM

Mike, where is the Love?

Holly HoX! 09/27/12 10:41 AM


Originally Posted by trolland10 (Post 113534612)
this would be big news in the 1960s

Totally. You know, because they just released a new album with the original members in June and are touring together right now.


Ryan Dennehy 09/27/12 10:42 AM

mike love is a great troll

tomtom94 09/27/12 10:45 AM

Genuinely staggered at the sheer hilarity of this. Did Mike Love think that people wouldn't notice and/or care?