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Keagan Ilvonen 09/27/12 01:22 PM

Sleeping With Sirens Writing New Album
Sleeping With Sirens are currently writing their follow up to Let's Cheers To This.

HanLuk 09/27/12 01:39 PM


Beej 347 09/27/12 01:43 PM

should be a solid record

Steve Alcala 09/27/12 01:47 PM


PetitnaindesĪles 09/27/12 01:48 PM

i'll be pleased as long as they don't record with cameron mizell (as was the leaked demo i guess) and the singer is less all over the place vocally. Let's Cheers To This was a good improvement over the cheesy debut album though

Close9 09/27/12 01:54 PM


WarmThoughts 09/27/12 01:57 PM

Ohhhhhh fuck yes, I love everything they have ever put out.

leftapart 09/27/12 02:04 PM

I'm pretty excited about this.

Feeling_This 09/27/12 02:09 PM

Looking forward to it if they can keep progressing this should be a solid record

low_rising 09/27/12 02:22 PM

stoked, if they continue in the direction of the last album and ep, this should be really pomising.

guitarguy211 09/27/12 02:23 PM

I think this could be a great record. And I'm looking forward to it.

Journey408 09/27/12 02:30 PM

JamesMichael 09/27/12 02:53 PM

I think they have what it takes to be a rad band and they have shown they have potential it's just if they uterlise it well with this album. Could be make them even bigger!

Ryan Gardner 09/27/12 02:54 PM

Really high expectations for this

snowboarderkid 09/27/12 03:02 PM