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Alex DiVincenzo 09/28/12 07:49 AM

Texas In July Stream "Paranoia"
Listen to a new Texas in July song entitled "Paranoia" here.

Miketheunicycle 09/28/12 08:08 AM

sounds a lot like i am, glad they're back to trying

dohare 09/28/12 09:03 AM

quality of this stream is terrible. the riffage reminds me a lot of I Am. dig it.

SkateFirm21 09/28/12 09:38 AM

people still listen to music like this... ugh, maybe its because im from the area, and its all i ever hear...

njiata603 09/28/12 09:55 AM

big improvement. never cared about this band before now.

AReiss 09/28/12 09:58 AM

Thought this said "Texas is the Reason" and got really excited.

sfpunk 09/28/12 10:03 AM

took them a few albums but I think they've finally found their siound and write perfectly appeasong metalcore. It's nothing groundbreaking but the 3 songs i've heard of this album defintely put them at the top of the genre. They do what they do very well.

ramomcferno 09/28/12 11:04 AM

I like the sound of this. Excited for the new album.

GetUpAndrew 09/28/12 11:04 AM

Really good song, I honestly enjoyed their last album, but I think that this metalcore-ish sound fits them better. They're not reinventing the wheel, of course, they're not the new August Burns Red or the new Parkway Drive, but I'm sure they've got potential to write a killer album.

richrad 09/28/12 11:24 AM


Originally Posted by AReiss (Post 113571542)
Thought this said "Texas is the Reason" and got really excited.


johnnyferris 09/28/12 12:38 PM

So much better than the two songs they've released from the album. I love their I Am sound.

PetitnaindesĪles 09/29/12 04:05 AM

meh, they still sound too much like August Burns Red