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Jason Tate 09/28/12 09:53 AM

Coheed and Cambria "The Afterman" Lyric Video
A lyric video for Coheed and Cambria's new song "The Afterman" can be seen in the replies.

Submitted by Fool

Jason Tate 09/28/12 09:55 AM

ThrownAwayKyle 09/28/12 09:56 AM

love this song! so beautiful and atmospheric, the perfect break after domino.

YoShitsGoinDown 09/28/12 10:31 AM

Proof that simplicity can still make a great song.

Supernova 09/28/12 10:32 AM

Oh my Lord....... this song!!

Elegant. Perfect song for autumn.

ahoff101 09/28/12 12:45 PM

Reminds me of the types of footage used in the Vacationer videos. Really digging it.

xScrewed@Birthx 09/28/12 01:17 PM

im loving all the coheed news lately, its gotten me so pumped!

jonwangcb 09/28/12 02:30 PM

I think its a bit ironic that they've done 2 (i think) lyric videos ever, and they were for songs that contained probably their simplest lyrics to date: Far, and the Afterman.

TenSpeed 09/29/12 01:24 PM

Ohmygod i cant wait to get the album.

InExile 09/29/12 11:19 PM

Not doing much for me...

theagentcoma 09/30/12 04:07 PM

Wow...did not expect the sound of this.

I like this a lot.