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Keagan Ilvonen 09/28/12 12:07 PM

Freelance Whales Dig Into Waves
Freelance Whales have released another new track "Dig Into Waves" which you can listen to in the replies.

Keagan Ilvonen 09/28/12 12:07 PM


delvec19 09/28/12 12:15 PM


bobsheiskawy 09/28/12 12:25 PM

this album will be great.

sammyboy516 09/28/12 12:54 PM

I'm really not feeling these new songs. So far I haven't liked any of these songs anywhere near as much as the last album. Hopefully then will be better in the context of the full album.

schmohawk 09/28/12 01:35 PM

This is a hell of a lot better than that other song they released.

spansen 09/28/12 02:05 PM

Love it.

jonwangcb 09/28/12 02:19 PM

All songs released so far have been great. Relatively high expectations for this album, but tempering those expectations a bit just in case they decide to sing about yellow now and laters again.

CoheedForever 09/28/12 03:03 PM

I like! Can't wait for this album.

Lunchbox1837 09/28/12 06:50 PM

I can dig it.

Kyle Thrash 09/29/12 08:25 AM

this rules, this confirmed me going to the ny show, aoty contender for sure

I am Mick 09/29/12 09:35 AM

The new songs seem so different from their last record. Really digging this song

jdr277 09/29/12 05:55 PM

I like all these new tracks but not as much as weathervanes. I'm assuming we won't here any Hannah/Starring type songs but that album took a while to sync in as a whole and now I love it, so I expect this album to be just as good, I hope there are still some fun lyrics on this album too.

Steve Henderson 09/30/12 06:10 AM

Saw them last night and they played a bunch of new tunes. New stuff is definitely less "cutesy" which is probably a good thing as people might have gotten sick of "Hannah" and the like over the past few years. Love this band though either way.

theagentcoma 09/30/12 04:04 PM

this is tasty