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Drew Beringer 09/30/12 01:33 PM

Chat Announcement: Set It Off
Set It Off will be chatting on the site tomorrow (Monday October 1st) at 5 PM EST. So make plans to hang out with us tomorrow afternoon.

Archael 09/30/12 05:16 PM

cool, i guess

Coverbydesign 09/30/12 06:20 PM

If I get out of class in time I am mos def going to hit this up.

guitarguy211 09/30/12 07:25 PM

In class. Too bad, I had a few questions I'd like to ask them.

Their new album rules, so if you haven't yet you should check it out!

poppunkwayo 10/01/12 12:39 PM

if only anyone cared.

SayHiToPaula 10/01/12 01:39 PM

Hi, I'm new on this website, logged in just to chat with Set It Off, BUT oh irony, i dont even know how :P help, anybody ? is this going to be right here, or on their profile.. idk really ;p

Burnette Baby17 10/04/12 02:21 PM

:-( I was looking forward to chatting with you guys