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drewbaldy 09/30/12 09:43 PM

Any chance of Heath Ledger reprising his role in the knights tale tv series Tupac hologram style?

skibby15 10/01/12 05:25 AM

really excited for wreck it ralph.

i'm excited for a dumber and dumber sequel. i cant see jim carrey passing on it

Spencer Control 10/01/12 06:41 AM

Modern day Hamlet sounds like an awesome miniseries, if they're doing what they did with Patrick Stewart's Macbeth.

Modern day Alice in Wonderland has so much potential but just sounds stupid from the article.

botDs-r 10/01/12 09:35 AM

Strain being directed by Del Toro means it will be awesome!

I'm excited so Hitchcock and Noah.

And really? Another Hangover?

Journey408 10/01/12 01:00 PM

the next season of The Voice shall be interesting....