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Keagan Ilvonen 09/30/12 08:37 PM

Stream Freelance Whales' New Album
Freelance Whales' new album, Diluvia can be streamed on NPR.

RTD2 09/30/12 08:50 PM

about freakin time!!! i've been waiting forever for this

mattjritter 09/30/12 09:04 PM


Acad08 09/30/12 09:05 PM

Awesome! :-) Can't wait to give this a listen tonight.

bobsheiskawy 09/30/12 09:16 PM

can't wait to get this onto my ipod.

itslillers 09/30/12 09:20 PM


icynova 10/01/12 12:23 AM


jdr277 10/01/12 06:13 AM

Idk whether to stream this all day at work or wait till my pre-order comes in... Decisions.

AloneInTheDark 10/01/12 06:29 AM

Jesus about time! I hope this is as fantastic as I'm imagining it to be!

jdr277 10/01/12 06:54 AM

OMG this is great! It's so beautiful and textured. I don't know how to explain it, I just know it will just get better with more listens and may in time surpass Weathervanes! They are a little less silly on this release (which I kinda miss) But they sound so much more mature and tighter, this is a huge step up from their debut and I loved that album. This is definately a context album so be sure to listen in it's entirety.

Bruycker 10/01/12 07:04 AM

This album is really good. This is what I needed for fall. Like it more than their debut to be honest.

jonwangcb 10/01/12 11:51 AM

I'm not too sure how I feel about this yet. It's missing that raw edginess that the first album had. It's too delicate; too "cute."

Also, the vocals are waaaay overproduced. The songwriting is still great, but the delivery isn't doing anything for me. Hopefully it'll grow.

Co and Ca 10/02/12 01:03 AM

do they still sound like owl city?