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Drew Beringer 10/01/12 01:57 PM

UTG Presents: Interview With Trophy Scars
Under The Gun recently caught up with Jerry Jones (Trophy Scars) and he gave a lot of insight about the intricate themes of the band's forthcoming full-length album, details about his inspirations and the plethora of side projects the members have been involved with.
From The InterviewItís heavier. Itís more beautiful. Itís more intense. Itís a very visual album, maybe more so than the last three releases. There is a full girl choir and some serious girl features on most of the tracks. This record allows a bit more of the female perspective and I think that is really going to help connect people to the story and concept. The scenario is truly a nightmare and heavily details the intimate relationship between two villainous, but redeemable, characters. You get to hear the grit from both of them, sometimes in dialog form.

Dustin Harkins 10/01/12 02:11 PM


Do you have any special vinyl plans?
I have to discuss with our good friend Alex DiVincenzo of Simply Legendary Records and AbsolutePunk – but I think Bad Luck will most likely be pressed next with some really gorgeous packaging and a very unique limited edition option. I would really like to see an embossed gatefold, matte reverse cardstock, 180g double vinyl… and hopefully different artwork for the limited and standard jacket.


Alex DiVincenzo 10/01/12 02:56 PM

Now with 100% more Alex DiVincenzo references!


Archael 10/01/12 04:11 PM

good band

Ponyboy 10/01/12 04:15 PM

concept sounds wild

InaGreendase 10/01/12 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by Ponyboy (Post 113687562)
concept sounds wild

Spencer Control 10/01/12 08:04 PM

I would say my body is ready but we all know that's not possible for anyone.