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Drew Beringer 10/02/12 06:46 AM

AP.net Contest: The Vaccines "Come of Age" Giveaway Final Week
We've made it to the final week of our "Come of Age Contest." Ourr friends The Vaccines have a new album Come of Age in stores today (as well as in the UK). The final giveaway is a big prize pack - the contest's ultimate prize. Check the replies for this week's question and whomever gives us the answer we like best will walk away with the ultimate Come of Age prize. You can also purchase the album here. All winners will be notified on Friday.

Drew Beringer 10/02/12 06:46 AM

Week 5 QuestionWhat was the first album release day you were most excited about? Best answer wins the ultimate Come of Age prize pack!

airrwaves44 10/02/12 06:56 AM

Blink 182's self-titled - November 18th, 2003

Holly HoX! 10/02/12 06:56 AM

50 Cent "The Massacre"

AbbeyCarbs 10/02/12 06:57 AM

Paper Walls by Yellowcard. It was July 2007, a few days before the final Harry Potter book came out. I made my mom bring me to Borders to get the CD, lol. I was so nervous/excited for both the record and the book, and they both greatly exceeded expectations. From the first page to the last, those same 13 songs were on repeat, so now I can't have Deathly Hallows without Paper Walls or Paper Walls without Deathly Hallows.

Spencer Control 10/02/12 07:31 AM

It actually hasn't dropped yet: Trophy Scar's Holy Vacants.

The Scars can create some amazing concepts, and consistently blow me away with their musical originality. Supposedly Holy Vacants is going to be their best yet. I would say it's not an understatement to label this is the album I've ever been most excited about.

P.S. I've been meaning to get into The Vaccines for a while. This would be a most excellent way to get me started. Haha.

Xiegfried 10/02/12 07:54 AM

First album release? Jeez. I didn't really start buying music until high school and at that point it was mostly old stuff. Probably Sam's Town by The Killers. I loved Hot Fuss, which I kind of got by accident. I ended up loving Sam's Town too, despite the huge amount of hate a lot of fans gave it initially. I remember it came out a little bit earlier than the Wii, so I would jam to that while playing Excite Truck. Good times.

aradiantsunrise 10/02/12 08:18 AM

I hyped myself up so much for Pianos Become the Teeth's The Lack Long After and it definitely reached and exceeded my expectations. Don't really remember a time I've been more excited for an album before that.

Zummy 10/02/12 08:30 AM

Midtown - Living Well Is The Best Revenge. I remember buying that album the day it came out and listening to it. At the time, I thought it was one of the greatest pop-punk records of all time and you know what? I still do!

harley7733 10/02/12 08:42 AM

The album release date I was most excited for was the (+44) album. After having my heart broken by Blink's "indefinte hiatus" and not really enjoying the faux-U2 6 minute intros of AVA, I was really dying to hear a Mark and Travis album. The day it came out I walked myself to the nearest record store (which is pretty far) and I'm pretty sure it was a cold November day. I really enjoyed it, but then again, it was just missing something, ya know?

DianaMx 10/02/12 09:41 AM

Oasis' come back album since 'Don't believe the truth' of 2005, it had been 3 years without hearing news about the band, but in 2008 they announced the release date for 'Dig out your soul'. A week before the album were released, they submitted the entire album on their website so the fans could hear it before they buy it, I remember I ran to my laptop when I heard the news and listened to it for hours, singing and trying to learn the lyrics because I wanted to be ready for the oasis gig that it was going to happen just 2 months after the release of DOYS in mexico city. I was patiently waiting for october 6th, and when the date came I ran to the record store near by and got the album. And again I listened and enjoyed every day till the day of the concert came!It was their last album as Oasis & the last tour and I was able to enjoyed both. Such a beauty, I love that band, they changed my life.

rocketcat 10/02/12 10:24 AM

Aqua Aquarium, I was so hooked on their catchy techno dance pop songs/singles that I really wanted
to hear more. I was so excited that I skipped the much cheaper cassette and spent the extra (weeks saving) on the CD, the day it came out.

harryCane 10/02/12 10:39 AM

The first release date I was really excited about was June 12, 2001, the day "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket" was released. I had just turned 15 and remember writing the date with complimentary "X days left" every day into my school notebook. Paper notebook that is, made from a tree. Not those nifty electronic thingies you young people have nowadays.

Anyway, the day came and as it turns out, Blink wasn't that much of a big deal in Germany mid-2001, so the local record store I went to didn't carry it. Couldn't order it either apparently. Well, they're out of business now. Serves them right!

I ended up buying it at Amazon in the U.S., which takes about 3 weeks to arrive. Bummer. But in the end it was well worth the wait.

Forward 11 years to today. I just checked Amazon and you know how it shows the date you purchased the product on each product page? Well, it says June 11, 2001, a whole day before it was released! I placed the order right after I went home from the record store empty-handed, so if I had just waited a day, they probably would have had it in stock. I never knew that...

aponyvilleresid 10/03/12 05:04 PM

Weezer - Pinkerton

hat123456 10/03/12 05:08 PM

The album release date that I was most excited about has to be Mumford & Sons' Babel. Which of course just came out last week. The excitement had been building for so long, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new one!