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Drew Beringer 10/02/12 06:55 AM

POZ Presents: In-Studio Session with The Front Bottoms
PropertyOfZack has announced a partnership with Quiet Country Audio, a recording studio based in Alden, NY, in addition to launching their first QCA Session with The Front Bottoms. Check it out here.

Alex DiVincenzo 10/02/12 07:30 AM

This is awesome. Band is so good.

Jaytothesyg 10/02/12 08:15 AM

This is great. Love this band, I want to see them again really bad

sjb2k1 10/02/12 09:55 AM

such good shit

overitsi22 10/02/12 06:20 PM

Never thought I would see my hometown of Alden, New York on a website like this, haha, good shit....Paul is a great dude, always loved him and his music projects...

jrtbighurt 10/03/12 06:14 AM

One of my favorite bands! Great great music, band and dudes.