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Drew Beringer 10/03/12 05:29 AM

Stream New Further Seems Forever Song
You can stream a new Further Seems Forever song - "Rescue Trained" - over at AltPress.

jimmyeatsboys 10/03/12 05:36 AM

beepoo beep beepoo... the time machine is working! this is pretty much exactly what i thought the next FSF record would sound like back in the day after Hide Nothing

Zack Zarrillo 10/03/12 05:45 AM

This record is so good. May be my AOTY

vinnie_9 10/03/12 05:45 AM

sounds really good!!!

june182 10/03/12 05:45 AM

3 weeks needs to hurry up!

lew_1987 10/03/12 05:49 AM

Is it just me, or is this song horribly Auto-Tuned?

HogarthHughes 10/03/12 05:50 AM

Sounds fantastic. Really looking forward to this album.

Fame<Infamy 10/03/12 05:51 AM

Love it.

astaticskyline 10/03/12 05:51 AM

Holy shit. This album is going to be amazing.

and Yes, his vocals are pretty poorly auto-tuned. Sounds like Cher in the verse.

bradsonemanband 10/03/12 05:52 AM

Chris' voice is so fucking massive these days. it's awesome. can't wait for the album.

EndSerenading 10/03/12 05:56 AM


Originally Posted by lew_1987 (Post 113756802)
Is it just me, or is this song horribly Auto-Tuned?

definitely a good song. I enjoy both songs I have heard. It doesn't grip me the same way TMID and HTSAF did initially but that was a long time ago and I'm a different person. I am still really looking forward to the album though!

Totally agree about the production though. I actually think the songs would sound a little better if they were just a tad less polished. That being said, I still like the old-school strain in Chris' voice on this song; really brings me back. The bridge through the end on Rescue Trained is very reminiscent of what I originally loved about them.

Drew Beringer 10/03/12 05:59 AM

his voice sounds awesome on this record, I don't think anything is awfully autotuned at all

sammyboy516 10/03/12 06:09 AM


Originally Posted by lew_1987 (Post 113756802)
Is it just me, or is this song horribly Auto-Tuned?

Haven't heard this song yet but I definitley hear this in the chorus of So Cold. The way the vocals on that song are produced make it borderline unlistenable.

Paris1nFlames 10/03/12 06:11 AM

This is exactly how I hoped it would sound. Ugh, so happy i can listen to this on repeat until my pre order arrives!

steve-0 10/03/12 06:19 AM

I dont love the production of this album so far (he sounds like hes singing in a closet or something).....

that said, this song is awesome. the only problem is its too short! i love the chorus and the guitars in the verses are really classic FSF sounding. there are 3 awesome albums coming out in the next 3 weeks (coheed, anberlin, FSF). ridiculous. cant wait