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SuNDaYSTaR 10/03/12 06:19 AM

Love the song, but it is just me or the quality was better on the album teaser?

InfiniteArms 10/03/12 06:20 AM

Is Autotune really necessary, if that's what I'm hearing?

loveisdead 10/03/12 06:22 AM

This is really, really good. I'm so excited for the whole album.

oshyjay 10/03/12 06:29 AM

I'm pretty sure the autotune is intentional; it's just the sound they were going for on the song.

coreysetfail 10/03/12 06:32 AM

Song sounds great, but that auto-tune is absolutely terrible. Why is it even necessary. Chris can sing. Fuck that.

mattplayscheap 10/03/12 06:48 AM

Its sad, these days people hear a good singer and automatically say 'auto tuned'

Zack Zarrillo 10/03/12 06:48 AM

Vocally, I think there are a lot of effects on this record that are all done for a very specific purpose. Everything, production wise, sounds very on-purpose in context of the whole record. Truly great

zachff 10/03/12 07:47 AM

Liked it but didn't love it. Going to have to wait to hear everything in the full album context I think.

coreysetfail 10/03/12 07:48 AM


Originally Posted by mattplayscheap (Post 113757962)
Its sad, these days people hear a good singer and automatically say 'auto tuned'

It's sad that you can't identify the heavy use of autotune on his voice in this song.

Drew Beringer 10/03/12 07:50 AM

I guess I just don't hear the auto-tune. oh well

xapplexpiex 10/03/12 07:50 AM

now i'm excited

deezee 10/03/12 07:55 AM

Good song, terrible sound quality.

davefalcone777 10/03/12 08:04 AM

Chris' voice is too good to have to be overproduced. I'm still excited for the album though.

lew_1987 10/03/12 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by sammyboy516 (Post 113757192)
Haven't heard this song yet but I definitley hear this in the chorus of So Cold. The way the vocals on that song are produced make it borderline unlistenable.

I didn't hear it so much on that one, but this... the verses are so cringeworthy.

TJ Wells 10/03/12 08:24 AM

I like it. But if you don't hear the autotune in that last bit of the song you're crazy.