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agl 10/03/12 09:16 PM

Yes, the production is noticeable, but its also tasteful and complements the track well. This really a fantastic song, the sound is exactly what it should be for them.

theagentcoma 10/03/12 09:34 PM

like like like can't wait

mikenewsbears 10/04/12 06:44 AM

At first I couldn't really hear the voice correction because the vocals were dipped in the chorus, but it's very noticeable especially where his vibrato is/final notes of the song. It's either 1 of 2 things:

1) Lack of vocal performance, which needed more attention/better takes


2) Laziness by the Mixer to fine tune notes so that voice correction isn't apparent

I am not against Auto-Tune by any means. It really tightens the track up on held notes and gives everything a little glue. Recordings are supposed to be a documentation of a record. Once it's out there and finalized, that's it. The record should be close to perfect..but it's all subjective and depends on what genre of music you're going for.

Hope this is corrected before the final release because it does take away from the emotion and performance.

lmelanie 10/04/12 11:59 AM

OMG. So excited!

tinylilnative 10/04/12 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by lew_1987 (Post 113756802)
Is it just me, or is this song horribly Auto-Tuned?

It's not just you. It couldn't have been anyone in the band's decision. Fucking Rise Records can ruin anything.

StewbotTalborg 10/04/12 08:01 PM

Definitely missing the guitar work from HTSAF and HN.
I'm not too sure how I'll feel about this album, but I have to remain optimistic.

lew_1987 10/05/12 03:03 AM


Lyric video with higher quality stream if anyone is interested.

HeavenResign 10/05/12 03:56 PM

Yeah, definitely not a bitrate issue.

Man I really love the song, the vocal mix is really bumming me out.

renzenkuken 10/08/12 09:42 AM

how the fuck can people not hear the auto tune? Normal voices dont sound like that.

I really dont understand the decision of the band in using it; FSF just doesnt seem compatible with it.
FSF lyrics were centered on emotion, sincerity, and overall was pretty poetry-like compared to other bands.

That being said the use of autotune on some of the new acoustic renditions they put out is obvious so I guess they wanted to pursue that further. Kind of dumb if you ask me.

The song is fine but I'm just disappointing; I wanted them to sound like more of an early 2000's sound rather than an 2012 sound.