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Drew Beringer 10/03/12 08:55 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Crime In Stereo is Back From The Dead
Crime In Stereo is back from the dead. The New York quintet has reunited and they'll be playing one show in 2012 with I Am The Avalanche in New York (tickets go on-sale this Friday at 12 PM EST). But that's not all - the band is also planning on releasing new music in the near future. Full statement from the band can be read in the replies.

Drew Beringer 10/03/12 08:55 AM

CIS Reunion StatementHiatus rescinded.

We are immediately returning to work on recording / releasing new music.

We know. We were “only” broken up for two years.

Two years was long enough.

We love/d making music together. Its’ absence was felt deeply by all of us.

So we return.

We will resume performing live.

We will play one show in 2012.

We are focusing our energy towards the release of new music.

When new music exists, we will play more shows.

That’s all we can say, for now.

Come sing with us.


We miss your smiling faces.

Crime In Stereo / I Am The Avalanche
The Gramercy Theatre in New York City. November 24th, 2012.

We can’t wait to see you all again.

XXXX / Crime In Stereo

Lightsout911X 10/03/12 08:56 AM


MikeYabs 10/03/12 08:57 AM

Fuck yes.

cherrycokewhore 10/03/12 08:57 AM

The only acceptable path after the loss of Daytrader.

SincerelyMe 10/03/12 08:57 AM

Holy shit yes

Alex DiVincenzo 10/03/12 08:59 AM

Great news!

underdawg1119 10/03/12 09:00 AM


AgainstTheCurrent 10/03/12 09:00 AM

Fuck yes. So happy seeing them with the movielife last year wasn't the last time I would get to see em.

waybackhome 10/03/12 09:02 AM

I'm shitting myself.

bradsonemanband 10/03/12 09:02 AM

Yessss! I got into them right after they broke up. So I hope they play here in the near future. This band is better than Underoath was anyway ;)

ffadam 10/03/12 09:02 AM


centennial. 10/03/12 09:04 AM

fuck yes fuck yes fuck yes

phaynes1 10/03/12 09:05 AM

Fuck this is such great news

TerrancePryor 10/03/12 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by cherrycokewhore (Post 113762022)
The only acceptable path after the loss of Daytrader.

I heard nothing about Daytrader breaking up. I'm pretty sure they'll find a replacement.