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Niko John 10/03/12 09:20 AM

Secrets - The Ascent
Secrets - The Ascent
Record Label: Rise Records
Release Date: January 12th, 2012

Secrets is the one of the latest additions to the Rise family. The screamo quintet creates a good debut album with The Ascent. They come bursting out of the gate with a balance of fury and melody. Breakdown heavy yet filled with energy not seen in many post-hardcore bands, Secrets knows that they are in a saturated genre. They try their best to stand out creating a slightly above average record.

The Ascent is full of double bass drumming, huge chugging guitar work, and a lot of breakdowns. The level of intensity left an impression on me. What made that possible was the contrast between Xander Bourgeois's throat wrenching screams and Richard Roger's soaring voice. This yin-yang balance is what makes The Ascent so accessible yet still brings a passionate dynamic that is rarely seen among their peers. The lyrics are the standard sort. The songs consist of lost love, an abandoning father, standing up for yourself, etc. It is all very average and only enhances the fact that, besides the intensity of the quintet, this album is fairly generic.

Secrets doesn't reinvent the wheel with The Ascent, they try to enhance it. Starting with what they know, they try to establish themselves as a very coherent band. They know what they want to play and they play it well. The Ascent will please fans of Rise Records with it's blend of blistering technical prowess and raw passion.


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Track Listing:
1. Genesis
2. The Oath
3. Somewhere In Hiding
4. The Heartless Part
5. 40 Below
6. Melodies
7. The Best You Can't Be
8. Blindside
9. The Hardest Part
10. You Look Good In Plastic
11. The Ascent

Xander Bourgeois - Vocals
Richard Rogers - Vocals/Guitar
Michael Sherman - Guitar
Marc Koch - Bass
Joe English - Drums

WeltallAY 10/08/12 10:13 PM

Was going to review this. Wasn't a huge fan. Denney's production is underwhelming per usual but the majority of the fault lies with the band. There's simply way too much open note chugging - even for me.