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Ryan Gardner 10/04/12 11:57 AM

Fantastic performance

thatwasamoment 10/04/12 12:52 PM

first time hearing this song. its pretty badass

swimbearswim 10/04/12 01:02 PM

I've been saying this for 9-10 years now. But if Tegan was straight... Game over.

runningohfive 10/04/12 01:22 PM

I just love this song.

Freshman15Davey 10/04/12 01:27 PM

I was creepin' out on Sara... Or maybe it was Tegan.

thebestkylever 10/04/12 05:57 PM

Such a jam. Katy Perry's people are probably already on the phone with them to write her next single.

HogarthHughes 10/04/12 08:05 PM

Sounded great.