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Keagan Ilvonen 10/05/12 05:29 AM

Dethklok Premiere New Music Video
Dethklok's new music video for "The Galaxy" can be seen in the replies.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/05/12 05:29 AM

XenoAbe 10/05/12 05:52 AM

Killer intro!

Coverbydesign 10/05/12 06:17 AM

Well that was 5:22 mins I was happy to give up of my life. Great video

cherrycokewhore 10/05/12 06:39 AM


EffigyOMA 10/05/12 09:21 AM

That was a lot better than I expected.

formated4tv 10/05/12 11:21 AM

You know, my only real complaint with that video was that Skwisgaar was really killings it, probably take after take, and Toki was just standing there all like "Duhuhhh uhhhhuhh hhuhhuhh".