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Jason Tate 10/05/12 02:05 PM

Deluxe Coheed and Cambria Albums Delayed
The deluxe editions of the new Coheed & Cambria album have been delayed.
Message from the BandFirst of all, thank you. Since you are reading this, it means you are a massive supporter of ours - many of you we know or have met. Without you, we wouldn't be able to play shows, record our records or follow our creative urges on a daily basis like we are allowed to do. Without you, we wouldn't be here, and we never lose sight of that. Because of that, and our desire to deliver to you art that we are truly proud of; that we feel you will enjoy and appreciate manyyears from now; The Afterman Amory Award Edition has not shipped yet, and therefore will miss our targeted delivery date of next Tuesday.

All digital music, including the 9 demos will be delivered to you 24 hours early, on Sunday night at Midnight. We are told the physical sets will begin shipping mid to late next week.

There are several reasons for this delay. The biggest reason is quality. We rejected several prototypes that would have saved us money and a little time, but that has never been what we are about. We made a conscious decision that we would not be taking shortcuts. We want each deluxe album to be better than the last, and as The Afterman began taking shape, it just kept growing and evolving, and so even if you are a little pissed right now, we feel like a year from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now, you will still appreciate this set. So much time went into the recording of this album, the creation of concept, the painting of the art - that we couldn't cut corners. From Nathan's Art, to the certificate, to the coin, to the paper it was printed on there were a lot of moving parts, and pretty much each one had Its own pitfalls but in turn, made the package stronger. Despite all of this, our printer told us that they had made up time and we would be able to ship this week, and we were very relieved to hear that. Unfortunately, we were told yesterday that another hiccup occurred in the pressing plant that pushed completion back at least a week.

So in addition, we have decided that your VIP laminate will not only get you in early to our headline shows (you still need tickets) from now through next Spring, and select shows after, but for all these shows we will perform a special acoustic song before doors for you. You can be assured that we will be embarking on a major US headliner as well as touring all over the globe next year.

For those of you who ordered in time for signatures - we decided to sign the laminates instead of the certificates. The first run of certificates were rejected because of the quality of the paper. It was a nice paper, but was just too thin, and when it was shipped to us, and as we began signing, the corners were getting bent, wrinkles began to form and it just didn't cut it. The new certificates are a much better paper and without us handling them, will hopefully allow them to maintain a pristine quality.

We apologize greatly for this inconvenience, we hope the music can hold you over for the short delay. We appreciate your patience and look forward to sharing the journey of The Afterman with you.

Submitted by CGarnsay

Rysker6 10/05/12 02:09 PM

Love this band

collinsurvive 10/05/12 02:27 PM

Killer album, cant wait to get a hold of this deluxe version

JesseKilgannon 10/05/12 02:28 PM

Can't wait to hear this. And get my deluxe edition in the mail

crutchfield 10/05/12 02:36 PM

Really excired to hear this

AndyMania 10/05/12 02:38 PM

still stoked. i love them.

InExile 10/05/12 02:40 PM

Get your shit together!....but I did almost preorder this thing though, but didn't when I couldn't find their last deluxe edition..

JunBringer 10/05/12 02:40 PM

Mad props to them for making it right.

oshyjay 10/05/12 02:54 PM

I have no problem with this.
Yea I'd rather have the whole package on release day, but in all honesty if I were given the choice of waiting a few days for the physical version to come in Vs. getting all of the music digitally a day early, I'd go with the latter anyway.

Micah511 10/05/12 03:14 PM

Don't care at all. Really stoked on how awesome the book is gonna be. Who's reviewing this for the site?

Poochemist 10/05/12 03:23 PM

Pretty good deal for the buyers if you ask me.

Saves The Night 10/05/12 03:51 PM

I wish some of the music on this album jumped out on me, but from what I have heard so far, nothing really has. I used to be a big fan, but the last two albums were really not up to par in my opinion.

Bryan Mac 10/05/12 04:29 PM

This album rules so hard.

CGarnsay 10/05/12 06:02 PM

When I got this email, I was pretty bummed, hopefully they have them out to me by the 18th for the show.

Zx1zelda 10/05/12 06:44 PM

Apparently the album leaked but I think I'm going to wait until Sunday when they send out the link to the songs and demos. I can't wait to get my deluxe edition.