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Keagan Ilvonen 10/07/12 07:36 PM

Limbeck To Release New 7"
Limbeck will put out a new 7" record through SideOneDummy Records on December 11th, just in time for their holiday shows. The release is going to be called The Already Gone/Skyway and you can stream the first track in the replies. The two new songs are the first material from the band in five years.

Keagan Ilvonen 10/07/12 07:36 PM


neo506 10/07/12 07:50 PM


Its also worth noting the second song is a Replacements cover

zbrmike79 10/07/12 07:54 PM

holy yes!!

gr33ndayfr3ak 10/07/12 08:28 PM

New song is so good!

mybreakingpoint 10/07/12 09:14 PM

fuck yes. this is amazing news and a great tune. will be buying this for sure.

irthesteve 10/07/12 09:24 PM

So freaking excited, and I already have tickets to a holiday show!!

duckingfyslexic 10/07/12 09:26 PM

can't wait to hear the replacements cover

irthesteve 10/07/12 09:37 PM

Go listen to The Delicacy of Living Modestly if you haven't already, this song is on it!! Well, another version of it

punchlinekid182 10/08/12 12:08 AM

dig it

Trevor Sostarich 10/08/12 12:12 AM

Finally! I've missed this band.

CavanaughPark 10/08/12 12:33 AM

Totally picking this up in December. Hopefully I can get one of the "Limbeck Van silver" ones that's limited to 300.

chokeychicken 10/08/12 06:22 AM

omg. yes.

Holly HoX! 10/08/12 07:39 AM

Yes. One of my favorite Mats songs.

Arry 10/08/12 09:00 AM

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Nap 10/08/12 09:07 AM

I remember that once they talked about a split 7" with Lucero with Replacements cover

popdisaster00 10/08/12 10:20 AM

This is awesome!!

thesollopsist 10/08/12 10:22 AM

Awesome! Love me some limbeck.

NorthstarPark 10/08/12 11:49 AM

So does this mean they are signed to SideOneDummy, they are still active, we'll be getting a new album next year? So many questions!!

konfusedsoul346 10/08/12 02:39 PM

I am beyond excited for all of this. Can't wait to see them in December.