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Drew Beringer 10/08/12 08:05 AM

POZ Presents: Young Statues Interview
PropertyOfZack recently sat down with the guys in Young Statues and discussed the bandís first year, a new EP, a covers 7Ē, and much more. Check it all out here.
From The InterviewWe know that you were recording an EP with Ace Enders. Is that done?
Carmen: Yeah, weíre mixing it right now. We started doing it in late-July, but we had some touring and other stuff we were committed to. After this, weíre getting back into the studio. Itís all done tracking. We just have to mix it. Itís just about wrapped up. Thereís still a lot of little, minor things to work out. Itíll go by quick.

Jaytothesyg 10/08/12 08:38 AM

Can't wait for new stuff from these guys

june182 10/08/12 09:39 AM

So excited for these releases! The self titled is probably my favorite record from the last year.

MixedwithBlood 10/08/12 11:15 AM

Did you guys make the thumbnails for atp and poz super shitty on purpose?