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Jason Tate 10/08/12 09:26 AM

Ohio University Marching Band Covers fun.'s "Some Nights"
The Ohio University Marching 110 performed fun.'s "Some Nights" during half time, the video is in the replies.

Submitted by Nardes

Jason Tate 10/08/12 09:29 AM

tonethehero 10/08/12 09:34 AM

Makes me miss marching band immensely..

Chcurry182 10/08/12 09:34 AM


esposimi 10/08/12 09:43 AM

Temple University play's We Are Young and It Gets Better.

One Direction too

Ollie McKraut 10/08/12 09:48 AM

go bobcats lol

Thomas Nassiff 10/08/12 09:53 AM

Our band plays this during timeouts at every game, at least once a game.

el167509 10/08/12 10:03 AM

I go there!! Go bobcats!

brennanisarealboy 10/08/12 10:03 AM

Michigan states band plays this all the time too.

bobcatbob18 10/08/12 10:19 AM

As a dedicated AP person and an alum of The Marching 110 Drumline it blew my mind to find this on here as news! Two worlds colliding...

The band is also making a big splash with their version of Gangnam Style too. Second viral video in a years span.

evanmeindl 10/08/12 10:30 AM

Good arrangement. Awesome. I miss marching band.

fulltiltxb00gie 10/08/12 10:48 AM

the psu blue band does snippets of "some nights" between plays. only thing i love more is when they play the sith theme.

cobja94 10/08/12 10:58 AM

Clemson plays this pretty much every game too.

BlackTaxi2d 10/08/12 11:21 AM

i am seeing more bobcats on here than i originally thought, hell yeah!

tell that mick 10/08/12 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by esposimi (Post 113956422)
Temple University play's We Are Young and It Gets Better.

Dug the "It Gets Better" performance.