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Drew Beringer 10/08/12 01:09 PM

Further Seems Forever Release "Rescue Trained" Lyric Video
You can watch a lyric video for Further Seems Forever's new song "Rescue Trained" in the replies.

Drew Beringer 10/08/12 01:13 PM

duritzfan13 10/08/12 01:13 PM

This song is so awesome, but I'm not a fan of the mix. The vocals are so low in the mix to me, and just the quality over all is not very pleasing to listen to. That being said, I can't wait for this record, and bad mix or not, this song will most likely be on repeat for a long, long time.

phaynes1 10/08/12 01:31 PM

Awesome track. This chorus is fantastic. Fuck. Can't wait for this.

xananomaly 10/08/12 01:33 PM

the auto-tune on some parts kills its for me, and yeah the vocals are also real low in the mix. def wanna give the whole record a go though, i've been anticipating for a bit.

sweetforever 10/08/12 01:48 PM

Yeah I want this album.

june182 10/08/12 02:00 PM

Song is awesome, can't wait for this record!

seimagery 10/08/12 03:13 PM

If this is the final recording, then who the hell mixed this? Turn the vox up, damn.

jmartino 10/08/12 03:13 PM

Solid song but it does sound a little like he's singing under water

letsgoflyers 10/08/12 03:41 PM

wow that song was incredible. could definitely feel the emotion in his voice.

absolution 10/08/12 03:47 PM

Just a really weird mix -- So Cold has issues as well. Chris' vocals should really be front and center

InfiniteArms 10/08/12 03:53 PM

I still can't get over the autotune thing.

GeeBee 10/08/12 04:26 PM

Underwater is a pretty apt description.

The mixing in HTSAF and Hide Nothing was crisp and clean, meanwhile...

jusscali 10/08/12 04:51 PM

Well, now. Ain't that a passion filled ditty. Let that fucker breath a lil, Chris.

guitarguy211 10/08/12 05:12 PM

Awesome song!