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rebelaznboy 10/09/12 04:25 AM


Originally Posted by pleasedontask (Post 113981232)
Right, and the old demo sounds like SoCo, and the reunioned band version sounds like Jack's. that's exactly my point.

sorry buddy, diehard andrew fans can tell the difference.

PetitnaindesĪles 10/09/12 04:40 AM

hopefully it'll sound like the last JM song that was streamed weeks ago

jdr277 10/09/12 06:43 AM

Andrew Mcmahon is 30yrs old... Why the fuck would anyone want him to go back and write a sappy emo SoCo album. I will always love SoCo for what it gave me at the time it was around but for Andrew to make one now would just feel wrong and forced. Plus Jack's just sounds like an evolution of SoCo anyway so what's the point of moving backwards? Anyway I'm excited to hear this new stuff, sadly I do agree that EIT was the best Jack's album but I still think he can top it, hopefully with this fresh start!

pleasedontask 10/09/12 06:47 AM


Originally Posted by rebelaznboy (Post 113998022)
sorry buddy, diehard andrew fans can tell the difference.

alright, maybe my ears aren't trained or tuned as well as yours then, mr. diehard. But it you're trying to tell me Wait sounds like any of the old SoCo tracks -- I don't buy it.

hiddentrack 10/09/12 08:26 AM


chrisCcoan 10/09/12 09:08 AM

great song writer and even more of a great human.

chrisCcoan 10/09/12 09:18 AM

when I was in 19 and listening to North I am really pissed I didn't enjoy it as much as I should. I wish they released something like that NOW. Being 19 I just wanted tracks like leaving through the window, something fun, poppy.. Listening to North now I can relate to it so much better now I feel like it's their Pinkerton, or nfg's coming home for me.. Took some time for sure. I might have not been as patient back in the day but I am totally loving North 9 years later.