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PaperLantern 10/09/12 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by 246toothpicks (Post 114000942)
This is boring. Half the time I'm hearing mediocre versions of their old songs, the other half they're trying too hard to find a new sound. They need to spend more time writing what they like and less time churning out triple albums that span 3 different genres.

And who are you to say that Uno isn't what Billie Joe wants to write? You're almost contradicting yourself, complaining about a band not writing songs that you like. Green Day's writing exactly what they want to.

Joey-Wan Kenobi 10/09/12 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by qwerty22 (Post 113993042)
Not really. An album can't be considered great if it has a shitty song on it. It has to be more than just a collection of songs with some ok, some good, and some duds for me to not consider it a waste of time. Less is more, and Green Day should have trimmed the fat with this release.

I feel ya. I just won't dismiss an album because of a couple duds. I also won't call an album great.
I think green day could have made 1 album that woulda been killer with all these songs, but the concept it interesting...i guess.

FUCKDIRTYWIPES 10/09/12 10:39 AM

Not bad. Def better then Uno!

FTank 10/09/12 10:56 AM

Wow. I really like this and I hated Uno!.

evanmeindl 10/09/12 11:07 AM

This song is so good!

kevinrguinn 10/09/12 11:09 AM

not sure I like this.

harley7733 10/09/12 11:11 AM

This may be the best song theyve released in 10 years.

drudo182 10/09/12 11:20 AM

Bleh. Song sucks.

ExtremeAvalanch 10/09/12 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by shwaz499 (Post 113981592)
plenty? maybe 2-3 off the last album... but I mean I don't think there's one bad (as in generally disliked) song on self titled, TOYPAJI, or enema.

So Green Day is irrelevant, and Blink never released a bad song? Get a CT scan.

duritzfan13 10/13/12 06:01 AM


Originally Posted by pucky (Post 114001302)
And what's the point of writing what they like if every time they try it in a new direction (Nightlife, Kill the DJ) everyone looses their asses to criticize them?

This point is invalid. I doubt Green Day sees any of these comments on this site, so not everyone "losses their asses to criticize them" just because people don't like it on this site.

PopPunkKid 10/13/12 08:42 AM


Originally Posted by djrossstar2009 (Post 113981142)
Thanks TDLyon.

Been a fan since 1994 so I have heard it all. Stray Heart sounds like a mainstream hit. I can picture it on the radio 20 years from now. I think the real issue is that 99% of people on the site love Blink-182 more. They would never dare say that Blink put out a bad song.

But blink are like the innovators of pop-punk, man! All my favorite bros in pop-punk bands wouldn't be around if it weren't for blink, dude! I couldn't imagine the world without The Wonder Years. And all the bands I go out and see at local shows always get smashed and play the obligatory cover of Dammit, so that's gotta mean something, right?

Green Day were totally lame when they put out those "rock opera" albums... eww man. Who wants to hear about politics in music? And worse yet, those sappy ballad songs. Lame. I want some heavy hitting pop-punk with some meaningful lyrics about how me and my friends go down together!