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Meeze 10/10/12 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by Scrawns (Post 114036162)
actually you did by asserting that i am living in a sex dream with kellin quinn. the logical thought is strong with this one.

:hitself: This is completely off topic, but I shall engage. No, I did not assert YOU were apart of anything. I do not even know you. When I wrote that, YOU had owned no space in my thoughts (I can not say the same now). That being said, if we play along with your assertion that I was thinking of YOU when I wrote that, I never once said you were engaging in the sex...you made that jump yourself. You could have been just a bystander, watching the act happen in all its glory (tongue and cheek... ... ...).

Never the less, this is COMPLETELY irrelevant to my point, which is that SWS' EP is mediocre pop music.